Chanel Resort 2018

In the beginning of May, Chanel had presented their Resort 2018 show, I was away travelling therefore was slightly late to the buzz. It seemed that the sandals had made a huge buzz on social media and therefore I expect a trend to occur very soon.

I was impressed with Chanel. Being Chanel sometimes the brand can come across as putting out designs with very little purpose of them actually being worn or sold in the market. Resort collections in my short time of following them have provided me ultimate summer inspirations and most times before anything even trends.

Living in Britain, we have a non existent summer therefore I sometimes I keep summer looks I want to try until I go travelling somewhere warmer. In my opinion, Navy is the colour of the summer. Mixed in with white pieces. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when Chanel also featured navy coloured looks.

There was so much to choose from in this collection of over 86 different looks. Different lengths of skirts, gladiator sandals, flowy and structured pieces. Warm colours and tones with an ancient greek twist on classic Chanel.

_CHA0296I fell in love with this dress and I felt a tiny smidge of sadness, that I would never wear it.

_CHA0319The draping. The pinching of fabric pleats. I loved everything about this look.

_CHA0811I loved this look. The embroidery on the top, the chunky bangles, buttoned front slit trousers with a pop of colour with the shoes. Perfect summer outfit.


This raincoat with embellishments. I don’t understand the correlation with the theme but I do love it.

What really stood out to me was the make up. Glowing bases mixed with gold and peach tones. Kajal filled eyes with the perfect under eye wing. An orange shaded lipstick. Make up just as flowy and light as the dresses. I’m definitely going to be rocking or trying to replicate the eye makeup. The half up, half down hairstyle with a hairband around the crown. Definitely replacing the flower bands that were a trend a while ago. Now think embroidered head bands with crisp gold tones. Definitely a collection I ended up liking more as I kept looking at it.

Hope you liked this review.



2 thoughts on “Chanel Resort 2018”

  1. Reading your recent article I was exquisitely excited. Fashion At times can be complicated by the designers themselves, but I like your captions and the designs showen were of elegance, I do also find that it is beautiful written, I love fashion sadly fashion doesn’t love me the same.


  2. All the designs are quite incredible, my favourite was from the list at the bottom, but being channel, one can one dream.


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