Vogue Arabia; Entering the right path.

Vogue Arabia may be on its way to redeem themselves with the ground breaking cover of   June’s Vogue Arabia featuring the first Hijabi Model; Halima Aden.

The June issue features Halima in two different covers for the Arabian version and the english version. When I think of the direction that Vogue Arabia should head in; is similar to this. Representation and acknowledgement of the people that read their magazine. Most likely circulated in the Emirates and various gulf countries where women most likely do wear hijab. It’s a great moved by the new Editor-In-Chief Manuel Arnaut who has previous experience working in Vogue Portugal.

I’m actually glad that Vogue Arabia has featured great talent such as Imaan Hammam and Pooja Mor in the previous issue because for a moment it felt like that using Gigi Hadid for the first cover meant that Vogue Arabia was going in a completely different direction.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 00.38.58



Halima Aden is one of kind in her field. Signed with IMG models. Making her runway debut with yeezy, walking for Alberta Ferreti and Max Mara. It’s long overdue that we see a hijab model. The fashion world is taking finally taking notice of how much representation is needed and how overdue it really was.

I’m glad that Halima Aden at such young age has been able to accomplish so much and provide inspiration to so many.




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