Monday Music Recommendation

Monday Music Recommendation:

Hanine – Arabia

After coming across this, I have been obsessed with this. The video is addictive to watch. Its great to see musicians who don’t sing actually have music videos. It’s refreshing. She’s so pretty and I’ve experienced eye lash envy after continually watching this.

I just love listening to this, its so good to play in the background while you work. It’s very uplifting.

I love this, so please check it out.

Enjoy Listening!

Monday Music Recommendation

Monday Music Recommendation:

Era Istrefi – Redrum ft Felix Snow

I love songs which give this laid back but slightly dramatic vibe. I love Era’s voice, its slightly deep and husky. ┬áThe songs starts off so soft and has these great vocal peaks. The background vocals make this song so good.

The red imagery was a good direction but I felt it went slightly amiss because its missing that artistic dramatisation. Plus the blonde wig, I didn’t get why it was being similar to the whole American pop scene. It’s still a song I love.

I get similar vibes when I listen to J Balvin’s Veneno. A song you can tune the world out with.

Enjoy listening!