Paris Fashion Week #3

Continuing with my review of the few shows that caught my eye during Paris Fashion Week.

Givenchy Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear

I love designer collections which overwhelmingly feature just one colour. It makes it easier to distinguish what I love about the design without having to analyse too much. Not that colour is a bad thing but with my own personal style. I prefer solid colours with minimal designs but with more focus on cuts and features rather than colour and patterns. That is why I loved this collection. ‘GIVENCHY. BOLD AF.’; my actual thoughts at first glance.

There was no runway show due to Ricardo Tisci’s departure from the label. However, every single one of these outfits blew me away. I blame the red. Vivid, loud and bold. It’s a courageous vision. As a fashion enthusiast, I loved it.

It’s a collection that I’m disappointed didn’t get shown on the runway, I can just imagine how full of flare the first look would of been on the runway. 27 looks more vivacious then the last. Red being a colour that never goes out of style. I can only be in awe as to how different it is to what we saw all fashion week.


Stella McCartney Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear

When Stella McCartney comes to peoples mind, many things pop up. Her celebrity associations, her athletic line with Adidas but never does one have a focus on her creative work at her own label. However when I think of the label, I think; active, authentically British and very minimalistic aesthetic.

I hadn’t planned on checking out Stella, but when one of her designs came across on my timeline on twitter, I couldn’t help but check out the collection.

I really felt like that the 90’s working woman vibe was well and alive this fashion week. As similar to Halston Heritage’s presentation. The influence was huge, the trend was back; cinched waists, broad shoulders with a fitted silhouette.

I loved the printed dress with the horse and a lion. The colours very firmly representing the British colder season. I loved the use of green, brown and grey in various textures.

The collection featured wool, velvet, jersey and silk. The stretch to different fabrics really encapsulates how far the industry has come in its using different tools and materials to create works of design and fashion.

The last two pictures below were my favourite. The embellished lace over a short fitted fabric really stood out as well as the all black look with sheer elements.


Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear

I’m a sucker for one colour collections, so it was no surprised to me that I was hooked on to this collection. It’s not all black but is predominantly so.

I loved the playfulness in this collection. Creative, dramatic and stoic. The different lengths, the busy cuts and the ruffles. It was simply clean and chaotic. My favourite look was definitely the hooded design. Plus the designer himself coming out so cooly exuding charisma adds to the shows spectacular-ness.


I hope you enjoyed my reviews!


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