Monday Music Recommendation

Monday Music Recommendation:


J Balvin – Ay Vamos Remix Feat. Nicky Jam & French Montana

There’s two reason why this is my favourite song to listen to when spring begins. The music is upbeat and with spring finally here, I just love listening to this. A great song with a great vibe and with the sun shining. I’m just put in a happy mood.  This song is featured in one of my favourite movie soundtracks,  Fast and Furious 6. French Montana’s rap is my favourite in the remix.

Ay Vamos is upbeat and chill have listen and brighten up you day with J Balvin.

Enjoy Listening!

Paris Fashion Week Review #1

Paris Fashion Week presented many Ready To Wear Fall/Autumn-Winter collections.

I rarely check in with fall collections, I blame my adversity to cold weather. I would most likely not like to acknowledge those season existence much less look up what the fashion world has put out for the colder side of the year. That is a side effect to living in the UK. I gave it up, after getting some notifications on my phone. My interest piqued especially after checking then Haider Ackerman show and from their I spiralled in to checking out Paris Fashion Week. With so many shows crammed in and sometimes running simultaneously its hard to truly appreciate what artistry and trends are being produced, therefore I waited before putting any thoughts on what was shown. I mulled it over to pick the ones which were memorable.

Here are my mini reviews;

Balenciaga Fall 2017 Ready-To-Wear

The first thing that caught my attention were the tights, bright colours almost summery but who wears tights in the summer. If you live in Britain maybe but its not an item of clothing associated with summer. That sort of oddity makes its more interesting. It’s something Balenciaga really did do with it side swept coats, more awkward statement than a trend . However it was later these were normal coat, just styled to be swept to the side.

The vibe was very 90’s working woman, which I adore. The fabrics were wide ranging and everything felt very refreshing. The wooly turtleneck sweaters, definitely needed in the winter, turtlenecks are making a return, goodbye scarves . The textured skirts were a great length and I really can’t wait to see how people style them with boots and sweaters in the winter. The start was very structured with the ending being very flowy.


Haider Ackerman Fall 2017 Ready To Wear

I love black and like most people, I tend to gravitate towards it in the winter time. This show for me was perfect, very subtle and straightforward with Great pieces and styling.

I loved the black with the gold decorative element, so subtle especially in the long dress with the sleeves (1) . The coat with the white outlines was classically understated (2). Something you would which would never go out of style. I’m seeing and predicting a lot of dramatic sleeves, even more so than has been seen in the past. I think we’ll see a lot less accessories in the coming seasons. A hint of peplum and a variety of textures. Nothing too bold in the show but definitely pushing a new feel of good structured pieces with great tailoring. Every piece could possibly become a must have classic. Renovation of winter classics done in a new way.


Elie Saab Fall 2017 Ready To Wear

When I think of Elie Saab, I think of it being a very romantic brand. Always creating with an element of fantasy and beauty. This season was nothing short of a dark romantic theme. He continued with the colour which was previous seen in his Spring 2017 Couture collection. The colours were deep and rich. The materials and textures, from velvet, silk to leather. Great use of fabric and embroidery. The dresses and skirts were brought to life. I personally loved the element of sheer in certain outfits. The tights were sheer and jewelled and that small detailing was definitely something I can see trending in the coming winter. I found that there was the return of belted waists, there were either dramatic sleeves or no sleeves; no in between at all and the combination of jacket and dress has returned this season.

I personally loved this show, there are brands which just speak to us and Elie Saab makes nothing short of masterpiece in every show. As a fan, this was spectacular.


Valentino Fall 2017 Ready To Wear

Another brand which is known for being Romantic is none other than Valentino. Elie Saab and Valentino are commonly referred to as the fantasy creators with their clothes and vision. I loved the draping in many looks, the use of colour alongside black was refreshing especially with some tones muted and some brightly popping out. I loved the focus on being loose but not too flowly. The laced up boots, that broke at the ankle and continue upwards. The attention to the accessories was not remised, especially with the saturation of the choker, we see small necklaces.


I hope you enjoyed this, Part 2 coming up!


Monday Music Recommendation

Beyonce – Hello

I don’t usually play music when I drive, I’m usually too tense to enjoy any kind of music but with spring approaching and the weather getting better. I decided to play some music, guess I was in a good mood.

I haven’t actually heard ‘Hello’ before even though, I had the whole album downloaded in my MP3. I guess we tend to skip over some things.

I love the way Beyoncé sings this song. Her voice is so powerful and soft at the same time. I especially love the lyrics as much as I love the lyrics of ‘Halo’. Excessively Romantic and deep. While I can’t sing, I’ll still be crooning ‘You had me at hello’.

Enjoy listening! 

Vogue Arabia ‘Big’ Launch

When it was announced that Vogue Arabia would be launched in Print in Spring 2017, many rejoiced about time that the middle east got its own issue of the Most prestigious Fashion magazine. Theres many economic factors at play for why the Middle East needs to be recognised for its textile and fashion industry.

The anticipation was high to see what Vogue Arabia would come up with especially in terms of cover and content for its first print cover. It already has been available in digital format since Autumn last year, I believe.

However, when the cover was revealed it gained a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.


Many were upset over the fact that Gigi Hadid being used especially with her recent controversy in being ignorant of other cultures. Her on the cover of the Arabian fashion magazine, didn’t get the excited reception that was expected. Especially with the issues of her mistaking ‘Zayn’ as middle eastern and the issue of her picking and choosing her acknowledgement of her Palestinian heritage.

Social media response to her wearing a head scarf was received negatively especially with the issues being faced in the current world  but because it was Vogue Arabia, I therefore think holding Gigi fully responsible when she was most likely following someone else’s creative vision isn’t entirely fair.

My only complaint with the issue is that there is so much talent in the middle east and so many models to choose from from so many different nationalities. That would definitely celebrate Vogue Arabia better than an American with middle eastern heritage. Arabia encapsulates so many different nations that if an effort had been made to feature of someone represented the diversity that is in the Middle East nations. There were many models that they could have gone with many models such as Imaan Hammam, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Kenza Fourati and Hind Sahli. There’s a huge pool of talent, its disappointing to restrict it to what is currently most well known.

I can safely assume, that many people in Arabia do not have the Western features that Gigi is endowed with. Vogue Arabia on from the outset feels like it is catering to a different market to the one it is operating in. Maybe the reasons were financial with it being the first issue and Gigi Hadid being a well known model/brand in her own right with instant recognition.

I hope going forward, that Vogue Arabia reflects on what it wants to reflect going forward but a Vogue publication for the middle east has been long overdue.


Monday Music Recommendation

Monday Music Recommendation

Charlie Puth – Suffer

I love when you discover Gems in an album. I don’t really get a lot of time to sit back and listen to any album start to finish but I found some time and decided to check out Charlie Puth, who I don’t know much about except knowing him from ‘See You Again’ with Wiz Khalifa. I glossed over the album and added 2-3 songs to my playlist. This song however has been on repeat. The instruments, backing vocals and harmonies, make this song a masterpiece. The lyrics are straight to the point and I can’t help but love it, especially the melody.

Enjoy listening!

DG’s Abayas, a yay or nay!

For those who don’t know; Abaya’s are significant part of Eastern culture. A loose garment which tends to go over your clothes essentially like a robe.

When it came out that Dolce and Gabbana were making a collection of Abaya’s. I was initially surprised, this kind of attention to a garment which is only worn in certain parts of the world and only by certain people in relation to their cultural norms was new. It was sort of unheard of. There are many designers in the Arab world innovating the Abaya and everyday clothes of the modern muslim woman but no one can deny that a luxury and couture designer with a standing such as the brand Dolce & Gabbana focusing on creating a collection of abayas means nothing. The Italian brand being pioneers of sort for their contemporaries in the fashion world with this kind of move.

Many comments that followed were that no one would be purchasing these Abayas’. However I disagree, I believe that there is a huge market of women who would buy these not only because they are designer but also because of the designs which scream D&G at a glance, the guaranteed quality. I would see myself and others like me if we had the spending money to splurge on these for weddings where some parts of ceremony which aren’t segregated require an abaya. I’m speaking solely based on my experience.

Majority of the population in the Middle East is under 30, some figure estimate that close to 70% of the population is under 30. The combined with the new ‘Generation M’ label where existing in the modern world and being muslim go hand in hand with no compromise in either place. Therefore I don’t see a shortage of who will buy the abayas.

The collection itself Abayas, scarves, shoes and bags. Every detail of an outfit given the D&G touch. The attention to the collection is great. Detailing on the wide sleeves, careful lengths and comfortable necklines shows the careful attention given to the garment and its purpose.


The look book shots of the abaya show how pretty these abayas really are but I have a small gripe with the head scarfs. I think they should of actually consulted someone who wears one in order to get that right. They seem angled incorrectly. I love the use of lace, very feminine and romantic something pretty evident in D&G’s line of work. The shades are very minimal and chic and I love the use of colour in the flowers against the black. Very elegant and not overly out there, shows their research for the market they are striving for. The only I can say is that I dislike the bags. They seem very bland and not complementing to the abayas at all.

I’m a huge fan of Dolce and Gabbana ad campaigns, it’s one of the reason why I follow them so intently. There always an element of elegance and fun. Shot in one of the Souk’s in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A similar feel to the DGLovesNaples campaign, which I also loved very much.

Can we expect more collections catering to different cultures, maybe Saris or even Kimonos, unlikely in my opinion but I truly appreciate any step forward to appreciate and cater for other cultures.

What do you guys think ?

P.S. I did intend to put this blog post up a long time ago, maybe closer to a year ago but once the time had passed I decided against it. However seeing the ad campaign, I thought I would share.