Monday Music Recommendation

Monday Music Recommendation:

Kris Wu – July 

I came across Kris Wu when I looked up the OST for ‘XXX:Return of Xander Cage’.

In my opinion, I think Action Movies soundtracks are great. I have discovered some great artist as well as some of my favourite songs due to Action movies. Plus some of the hype music is great for motivating yourself for the gym.

I originally came across Juice by Kris Wu, which doesn’t do much. While the beat is amazing but the lyrics tend to blur at times. The video isn’t as cool as I think they intended it to be. His hair is cool but the forehead tattoo. I probably would add that to my Running playlist.

However one of the song that I have been loving this past week is July. I don’t understand why it is called July. The video is minimal and calming, I have one gripe with the orange outfit and hair style which is puzzling to say the least. I like listening to it while in the car.

One thing I can say, Kris Wu in Return of Xander Cage is not noticeable but his music is definitely promising.

Enjoy listening!

A Return Indeed…

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.09.28.png

Over the weekend, luckily I got some time from my busy life to go and see ‘Return of Xander Cage’.

I’m not sure if I came out the film fully ecstatic at what I watched. There are some mixed emotions regarding the film, even now.

The start of the film was strong. Each characters entry is unforgettable especially Donnie Yen’s and Deepika Padukone’s. I internally screamed a little at both. The action sequences were the best, precise and controlled. No funny camera tricks to fake moves. It definitely is a good contender in the stunt department.

The main character failed to entice me. Vin Diesel has become in recent years an actor who is almost bigger than his characters. It’s sort of hard to differentiate his characters from the real him. But Xander Cage is Xander Cage. He’s a kid at heart. So the serious stuff doesn’t really suit him.

I wanted to see more Donnie Yen, he’s definitely a highlight in this film.

The other characters add some minor laughs. I have to say that I am insanely impressed at the Serena character. It’s nice to see the character to be well matched, it’s written and portrayed well. It’s refreshing to see a woman be just a badass as the men. In Deepika’s case she’s badass as well as lethal. Another highlight is Neymar’s Cameo which was funny.

The first 20 minutes were the best for me. The stunts, acting and visuals were all strong and impressive. The rest of the film gives me mixed feelings. I’m still glad I went because while the story failed, the acting and stunts did not let it down.

Is the Return good as before, I definitely can’t say!

Monday Music Recommendation

Monday Music Recommendation:

Bebe Rexha – I got you. 

The video is bizarre because she looks like a Kylie Jenner Doppelgänger. I see elements of early 2000’s pop videos, the deserts and her shades. Her red suit towards the end definitely put out a ‘Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much’ vibe. Walking in the desert decked out like that.

I love Bebe Rexha voice, her voice is slightly deeper than current singers which just sets her apart. The song is a jam.

Enjoy Listening!

Reads …

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I have this bad habit of only reading when the weathers good. That is the only time I read. Only to lounge about with an iced tea or coffee. Here’s to breaking that habit with my newly purchased books.

Monday Music Recommendation

Monday Music Recommendation:

Raees OST – Zaalima

The guitars in the beginning to the lyrics, there’s nothing about this song which I’m not loving. I actually love the chemistry they have in the video is one of the many reason I’m looking forward to this film.

It’s a duet and the lyrics are so sweet. Romance is definitely oozing from it. I love the lyrics;

‘Main hi kyun ishq zaahir karun, Tu bhi kabhi bol de’ (Why should I always confess my love, you should say it sometimes too)

For all the Bollywood lovers, this is the perfect romantic song to kick off the year!

Enjoy listening!

Movies I’m Excited For …

In the past year and a half, No movie has got me excited to rush to the cinema on the day of release. That is, until 2017.

Movies are one of my favourite past-time. After watching so many movies that disappointed me, I’ve made a list of all the films I’m looking forward to in the next few months and pray that these don’t disappoint me like all the other movies which I’ve wasted my time on (which by the way, i’ll never get back).

1. XXX: Return of Xander Cage

I love action movies and naturally I would look forward to this. The original and the sequel starring Ice Cube were good therefore I have high expectations in what this film brings to the audience.

I think the main appeal for this would be its international cast which include; Deepika Padukone, Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa and even Neymar Jr.

It’s the appeal of this movie of being not the cookie cutter Hollywood clan type, it’s recognising talents across the world. In my opinion, it definitely gives the film an edge.

Deepika Padukone is one of my favourite Bollywood actors and knowing that she’s about to play bad-ass role in an action movie has me excited beyond words. She’s a talented actress, who has played great characters in Bollywood and I cannot wait to see what kind of character she brings in her first Hollywood role.

I really hope that there are amazing actions scenes with Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa because they have a history of great stunts and it would be a waste if Hollywood didn’t live up to that standard.

2. Raees

Raees is the first Bollywood film I am looking forward to ever; Bollywood films in the last few years have disappointed me. I think the last film I actually enjoyed start to finish was ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’

The reason I’m excited for this is because it is Mahira Khan’s debut in Bollywood.

She’s one of Pakistans’ most popular actresses and a very likeable personality. She’s a very laugh out loud actress, which is quite different to the normal calm actresses that I’ve come across. After the drama success of ‘Humsafar’, which sparked a revival of sort in Pakistan Dramas which boosted the need for great storytelling, scripts and acting. I’m a fan especially of ‘Shehr-e-Zaat’, her performance throughout the whole drama was impeccable.

After Fawad Khan making an impact on Bollywood, it’s about time that a Pakistani actress made an impact in a fully commercial film starring ‘King Khan’ no less.

3. Kung Fu Yoga

Jackie Chan + Bollywood  = Need I Say More!!!!!!!

I love when cultures crossover in movies. Jackie Chan films are always such feel good action movies that I have no doubt that I will go and watch this in Cinema when it releases.

There’s a dance number choreographed by Farah Khan which i’m excited for.

4. La La Land

To be honest, I don’t know even how I came across this trailer;

The simple visuals remind me of ‘Midnight in Paris’ and I love the background score/soundtrack. I’ll most likely check this out later on but it’s on my ‘To Watch’ list.

5. Fast 8

This would be my most anticipated movie this year.

I want to see how the story continues after closing the Brian O’connor chapter; many questioned how much the franchise would continue without one of the main original character (or characters if counting, Mia).

If the film is anything like the trailer then I definitely will watch this again and again. There new character being introduced and all the favourite do return. I think it’s definitely departed from the emotional bond kind of action movies that they’re known for more and are delving in to more hard core thrill action.

Are there anymore that I should include in my list?