Editorials of 2016 Part 2

Continuing my favourite editorials of 2016.

6. Ranveer Singh for Elle Man India. December 2016.

Ranveer Singh is known for his eccentric fashion and all around quirkiness. He’s one of the few of Bollywood actors who seems to have an off screen style, while its outrageous at its worst and daring at its best, no one can deny that Ranveer fares far different from others in his field. In Elle Man, its the  simplified quirkiness which lets him shine. His body language, facial expressions and the outfits all around are perfect.


7. Huda Kattan for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. October 2016.

You can not have instagram and not have come across Huda Kattan/ Hudabeauty.Highlighting a more natural look, Huda looks amazing. I not only loved the editorial but also the article written. She’s a very interesting person. The cover is just perfect in my opinion.


8. Benedict Cumberbatch for Grazia China. November 2016.

Benedict Cumberbatch projects a no nonsense man in this editorial. The backdrops and poses look very cool. Chen Man is one of my favourite fashion photographers. She has a very blunt style which fuses fashion and art together in a great way.





9. Ileana D’cruz for Pernia’s Pop Up Shop Magazine. November 2016.

Sunglasses and a Ghagra, what more do you need? Ileana D’cruz depicts the modern bride. I love the contrast between the red outfit and the black motorcycle, all the colour are popping out.


10. Mariacarla Boscono in Vogue Italy. March 2016.

Italian Vogue is one of my favourites amongst the Conde Nast array of Magazine productions. The looks always have an element of drama. This was nothing short of dramatic, intense and feminine.



Editorials of 2016

Fashion Editorials are one my favourite types of visual media. A good editorial lingers in my mind and gives a good boost of inspiration and motivation. Editorials have an innate ability to tell a story and express a theme visually. Fashions editorials in their execution exude great fashion, movement, emotion and personality. There’s a lot of effort and detail put in to capturing one shot with every detail being meticulously looked over and that tends to create visually pleasing ascetics. Some you tend to love because of the personality of the subject and some you love because of the artistic direction behind them.

Here are my favourite editorials of 2016;

1.Deepika Padukone for Vogue India. November 2016.

Whenever Deepika Padukone graces the cover of Vogue India, excitement ensues. This occasion being nothing less than exciting especially with the creative direction being led by Sabyasachi Mukherjee himself. Deepika playing the muse of Sabyasachi is fitting considering the amount of occasions she has worn Sabyasachi in 2016. She looks ethereal throughout with her striking features. The rustic golden settings just elevate the whole look.


2. Jun Hasegawa for Elle Japan. November 2016.

I loved all the looks in this editorial. I don’t always check Japanese magazine but they come up with some great editorials. Fashion editorials like this is the sole reason why I read so many fashion magazines to be inspired to try some new looks without breaking the bank.


3. Lisa Haydon for Harper’s Bazaar India. June 2016.

I feel like this Editorial is just Lisa Haydon on her day off. Glamorous, laid back and effortless.


4. Victoria Beckham for Vogue Korea. July 2016.

This for me was Victoria Beckham in a nutshell. Sharp, strong and neat. I loved the cover but it evoked more of a winter vibe than summer one.


5. Kareena Kapoor Khan for Vogue India. July 2016.

As soon as I got my hands on this Vogue, I was impressed. I loved the mix of feminine looks crossed with the bold darks and metals. No one can deny the cover is striking and powerful. The ‘Force of Nature’ look being my favourite.



Part Two Coming Soon …..

Monday Music Recommendation

Monday Music Recommendation;

Outlandish – Warrior//Worrier

This song  is a few years old but with its meaningful lyrics and vocals, its still relevant. A song to calm you down when the world seems to be overbearing.

Outlandish is a Great group always producing music with great meaning. Therefore this song and many others always seem to rotate in to my playlist.

Enjoy listening!

My Birthday

December is filled with birthdays. My siblings, my friends and even my relatives all share my birthday month.

However, December 10th is just mine. 

It was my first time spending time it alone. Luckily for me, my sisters made sure that I didn’t feel lonely for even a moment. Leaving me gifts and food in my room. The letters they left me, made me cry so much. Its crazy, I know how much my sisters love me but just for them to write to me, I have never felt so grateful. Forget gifts, just give me handwritten letters every year.

I just felt content spending my day lazying around without feeling any guilt. I think the time alone really allowed me to reflect on my life, the direction I’m heading in and the way I want to improve myself for my **th. (Yes I’m at an age when I’m sensitive about numbers)

A cute notebook from Khaadi in Pakistan, my absolute favourite Pakistani store. My sister got me so many things from Khaadi. I couldn’t stop squealing in excitement.

Everyone wishing and sending me messages. Birthdays are the best way to reconnect with people.

My sister bought gazillions of snacks. All my favourite snacks from the Asian store and even all my favourite candy. If I lose a tooth, I know who to blame.

It’s all the small details that people remember about you, that really pull at your heartstrings. From your favourite snacks, to the fact you need a new notebook to knowing you love brown paper wrapping paper. Life is in the details.

It was an emotional birthday but like every birthday, I want to look forward and improve on myself. I already made a list of what I want to accomplish in my coming year.  I for the longest hated my birthday being so close to the end of the year but I see some good in it. I get to start afresh with the new year.

Buttercream, buttercream and more buttercream. What more does a girl need?

Happy December!



Monday Music Recommendation

Monday Music Recommendation;

Sage the Gemini – Now & Later

This song may seem familiar to many snapchat users, due to it being played in the background in one the most popular filters.

Smart marketing move to use this in a snapchat filter. It’s good to see a new platform of marketing and promotion being used more organically. Many people wouldn’t even realise that the song isn’t just for snapchat.

That is why, it my recommendation this Monday. It’s a pretty good song to chill to. Do check it out!

Enjoy listening!


What’s in my bag? #9 

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  • Black H&M side bag
  • The Travels of Ibn Battuta by H.A.R. Gibb
  • Pink Lemonade Snapple
  • Mini Nutella
  • Jimmy Choo Purse
  • Pencil Case. Keys. Notebook.

Ibn Battuta book was a gift from my mother before she left for Pakistan. It is an interesting read and I’m definitely learning more about Ibn Battuta. 

I prefer lemon ice tea snapple but only found pink lemonade. It’s overly sweet and really heavy. The mini Nutella is extremely cute, so cute that I can’t bear to open it.