Monday Music Recommendation:

Monday Music Recommendation;

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil  (Soundtrack) – Break Up Song

Bollywood can be fun sometimes. This  song is a jam, its so much fun to sing along to.

The start of the song gets me so excited whenever I hear its. Its a breezy electro pop mix. Definitely elements of desi instruments there.

There are so many good songs from this movie, so check them all out especially ‘Channa Mereya’

The video ties in with the movie, so its your guess why they all have headphones on.

Enjoy Listening!

Monday Music Recommendation:

Monday Music Recommendation:

Since I’ve come across this song, i’ve played it constantly. I haven’t actually watched the video but I’ll add it here anyway.

My favourite part is the beat drop, kind of unexpected. Its definitely my favourite song to play in the car.

I love the lyric; ‘I don’t know what I’ve been chasing, Caught feelings now I got to face them’.

Have fun listening!

What’s in my bag? #7

  • Hollister bag
  • Vintage Map notebook
  • Goldfish fountain pen
  • Rust DKNY card wallet
  • Flutter hand cream
  • Headphones. Cassette player headphones wrap.
  • Mints. Keys. Change.
  • Kurkure Butter Masti


I always get sucked in to running errands for my family. Sadly the days are flying by, Autumn then Winter.   I picked myself out of my seasonal misery with Kurkure.