New Team ?

so after the thrilling 3rd and 4th ODI, i fell in love again with pakistan cricket. i know it was my mistake. Bad enough to be disappointed in the T20 matches but i still cheered on and clapped. but after the decider which i can say by the middle of englands innings looked totally out of Pakistans hand. so maybe the fixing is true maybe its not. Hope we  find out soon because we’ll keep on seeing more and more wickets fall.  Conspiracy theory overload anyone ?

Looking forward to some non-pakistani cricket … thank god for the ashes =]

it takes time for wounds to heal but i hope they do… fingers crossed

So Long Forgotten

This post is basically dedicated to the things I miss

Super Mario; even though I loved luigi more, the game was legendary. I remember a whole summer wasted away playing the game with smartie sized blisters on my thumb.

Prison Break- I watched the whole of season 1 within a week and made my sister a fan plus I miss the whole story and wanting the bad guys to win … weird as it is. Plus wentworth miller (sigh).

Juice boxes – when I was young I loved my juice boxes but now we have cans and bottles. If I get caught a with a carton and straw, I’m given a funny look. My family think i’m weird and should leave them alone. I don’t agree, Kid at heart.

Scrabble/Monopoly- when I was young I could always find a person to play it with me but now there’s no one who thinks it cool. Maybe I should find a scrabble club like they had in wedding planner (even though that was for old people). When you are young you have all the time in the world to play games and conveniently so does everyone else.

Colouring Books – I can’t draw full stop. I can sketch out random things making them look as if they were drawn with some kind of purpose but I can’t but I love to paint and colour but I think ima bit old to do it now so I don’t but I realised I had this old jumbo colouring book of marvel comic superheroes which I bought probably to give as present to someone. I decided to fill it in but I could only find red and blue in felt so only spiderman has any colour. Plus they have dot to dot section which has to be the most fun I ever have had just joining to dots.

Roald Dahl – great books and a greater author but now we’re all subjected to read the Twilight Saga.

I might want to mention that I am 18 not 12.