The most handsomest traffic police officer in beijing.

Oh this is no joke. Watched a story about this new phenomenon in the way of;


He is known as the most handsomest traffic police officer in Beijing and has turned into this big thing, i watched the whole programme and he is the sweetest thing in the world, he’s like the nicest person even when he is giving a ticket and he is such a gentlemen. He basically has improved efficiency in the rush hour traffic in beijing and thats like really noble because fewer accidents are happening (Always a good thing) and he’s just cool about it, he so unaffected and the people who get a ticket from him, say that he treats you with respect that you just like him automatically. he’s only 29 and he is making such an impact.

Ordinary man doing extraordinary things = My New Hero

That is the only thing I watched all day. Revising All Day. EXAM tomorrow !!!!!!

Wish Me Luck